DEKA Laser

At Sleep Health Partners, we have invested in DEKA CO2 Laser, one of the latest advancements in laser technology that allows our dentists to perform safe, efficient, and effective soft tissue treatments while keeping them less invasive with minimal pain, swelling, bleeding, and risk of infection. It is a contactless laser technology that can be used to address tongue tie release and soft palate treatment for snoring.
We use DEKA CO2 laser to release tongue-tie in a quick, contactless, and painless procedure. The gentle laser decontaminates and sterilizes the area, thus preventing any chances for infection and reducing the probability of post-procedure complications like swelling. It does its work without generating any heat or damaging the surrounding tissues, thus allowing a more comfortable treatment with a faster healing time. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, the need for sutures is also eliminated. Thus, DEKA CO2 laser can help release tongue-tie in children, allowing their tongue a better range of motion.

We also employ DEKA laser in soft palate treatment to help patients improve the quality of their sleep and reduce snoring. This minimally-invasive procedure involves using a DEKA laser with ideal penetration depth to create a pattern of tiny thermal wounds without damaging the adjacent tissue of each wound. This micro ablation lets the body generate new collagen faster and heal itself. The generated collagen tightens the soft palate and improves snoring.

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