Laser Snoring


What is QuietNite Laser Therapy?

DEKA QuietNite provides all the great medicinal benefits of CO2 energy while quickly improving your quality of sleep in as little as ten minutes. This treatment is ideal for patients who wish to:

  • Improve energy, metal clarity, and focus with a better night’s rest
  • Improve Sleep disorders
  • Improve a Compromised Airway

Why do we snore?

Snoring is a very common and often overlooked issue in many adults today. The most common reason for snoring is when the elasticity of the soft palate is relaxed from age, or the overall volume of the throat is reduced due to weight gain.

When it comes to relieving patients of that symptom, DEKA QuietNite is best for the job. Laser therapy is also a great tool used in conjunction with other sleep aids and appliances prescribed by your doctor to give you a better night’s rest.

Treatment for Soft Palate Region

With the DEKA CO2 laser, treating the soft palate, tonsils, and tongue are quick and painless for the patient. During treatment, the laser energy will stimulate collagen and help tighten the areas treated. This quick, painless procedure decontaminates the area while sealing nerve endings leading to no pain, no side effects, and no bleeding. Patients can immediately drink, eat and resume normal activities. An average of one or two procedures spaced 30 days apart annually is all that is needed to see results for most patients.

Cost of DEKA QuietNite

The cost of DEKA QuietNite treatment rangess per application depending on complexity. Many offices offer in-house financing for those who request it.

Insurance will likely not cover DEKA QuietNite procedures. Both dental and medical insurance view DEKA QuietNite as an “elective” procedure. However, you can use the pre-tax dollars in your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) toward DEKA QuietNite treatment.

How long do DEKA QuietNite results last?

Ease of use for the treatment means that DEKA QuietNite can be used quickly and frequently. For patients commonly experiencing snoring symptoms, treatment from DEKA QuietNite can be used annually, even during regular cleanings and hygiene visits.

Benefits for Patients

Patients who have Laser Therapy experience:

  • No downtime and no bleeding
  • Results in as little as five days
  • Quality of life improves


DEKA CO2 lasers offer the ultimate in soft tissue therapies — as well as treatments in all areas of general dentistry, periodontics, and oral & maxillofacial surgery.

For more than 30 years DEKA has been innovating the world with medical laser systems and new therapies. Improving the work of doctors and the well-being of their patients in the commitment that our founders continue to honor today as they have in the past.

DEKA's proprietary UltraSpeed pulse, with high peak powers, allows the clinician the capability to incise tissue with the speed of a scalpel while sealing blood vessels for a bloodless surgical field. The speed of the pulse allows the surrounding tissue time to cool. The result is virtually no trauma to the surrounding tissue. This means faster, more precise incisions, with improved healing properties. In turn, this leads to more effective treatments with next to no downtime-many times without the need for sutures. Because of the laser's precision, power, and control, it is the laser of choice in oral surgery and periodontal procedures. It provides the broadest procedure spectrum of any dental laser available.

At Sleep Health Partners, we have invested in DEKA CO2 Laser, one of the latest advancements in laser technology that allows our dentists to perform safe, efficient, and effective soft tissue treatments while keeping them less invasive with minimal pain, swelling, bleeding, and risk of infection. It is a contactless laser technology that can be used to address tongue tie release and soft palate treatment for snoring.
We use DEKA CO2 laser to release tongue-tie in a quick, contactless, and painless procedure. The gentle laser decontaminates and sterilizes the area, thus preventing any chances for infection and reducing the probability of post-procedure complications like swelling. It does its work without generating any heat or damaging the surrounding tissues, thus allowing a more comfortable treatment with a faster healing time. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, the need for sutures is also eliminated. Thus, DEKA CO2 laser can help release tongue-tie in children, allowing their tongue a better range of motion.

We also employ DEKA laser in soft palate treatment to help patients improve the quality of their sleep and reduce snoring. This minimally-invasive procedure involves using a DEKA laser with ideal penetration depth to create a pattern of tiny thermal wounds without damaging the adjacent tissue of each wound. This micro ablation lets the body generate new collagen faster and heal itself. The generated collagen tightens the soft palate and improves snoring.

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