Oral Appliance Therapy in Portland, OR

Oral Appliance Therapy in Portland, OR

An oral appliance is a device used to reposition the jaw and move the lower jaw forward, opening up a space for the airway to remain open during sleep. This space can prevent the throat tissue from collapsing into the back wall of the throat or blocking the air passage, which causes snoring or other breathing problems. For oral appliance therapy in Portland, OR, these appliances are custom-made for each patient’s mouth to fit comfortably, making them easy to wear throughout the night. Some types of appliances can ease mild cases of sleep apnea by repositioning the tongue so it isn’t blocking the airways. Others may help correct more severe cases of obstructive sleep apnea by supporting the jaw muscles and bringing the lower jaw forward to open the airway.

Depending on its type, an appliance can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatment methods like CPAP machines, surgery, weight loss, or lifestyle changes. Oral appliance therapy in Portland, OR, is also non-invasive, making them a popular alternative for patients with mild to moderate cases. Patients should talk to their sleep specialist in Portland, OR, about which treatment option will work best for them.

Types of Oral Appliance Therapy in Portland, OR

There are a few types of oral appliances available for sleep apnea in Portland, OR. The most commonly used oral appliance is the CPAP machine. However, many patients find these machines to be uncomfortable or inconvenient. Others simply don’t have time to sleep with their mouth open, so these devices are ineffective for them. For these patients, an alternative option is available in the form of an oral appliance. These custom-made devices are proven to treat sleep apnea effectively and are easily portable for convenient use when traveling. Here is more information on the types of oral appliance therapy in Portland, OR, available.

Mandibular Advancement Device: A mandibular advancement device is made of two parts – the lower jaw and the retaining portion that fits over the teeth. The patient is able to open and close their mouth while wearing this device. It moves the jaw forward slightly so that when the airway is blocked, there is room for air to pass through. This prevents snoring and ensures the patient doesn’t wake up gasping for breath. Unfortunately, the device is quite invasive and requires patients to wear it every night. Patients may also experience frequent dry mouth as a result.

Tongue-Retaining Device: Another type of oral appliance therapy in Portland, OR, is a tongue-retaining device. This type of device is typically used to treat mild cases of sleep apnea, whereas other oral appliances are designed for severe cases. The tongue-retaining device works by holding the tongue in place to prevent it from relaxing back into the throat during sleep. This helps to provide more space in the airway for patients to breathe more easily through. 

Customized Mouthpiece: Finally, some patients are able to treat their sleep apnea in Portland, OR, with a customized mouthpiece. This mouthpiece fits over the upper and lower teeth and is specially made for the patient. 

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