"Dr. Karim and his Technician Josh are excellent both extremely knowledgable individuals. Josh has allot of experience with the Dental Device and it shows. Dr. Karim's office will make sure your are totally 100 % satified and they will do what ever it takes to make sure you are receiving a good night sleep. Thank you."
"I’ve have used a mouthpiece device for snoring previously. I think this is number 4. It reduces my snoring by a considerable amount. This is my first device from Sleep Health Partners. Josh fitted me with a device that was snug and easy to put in and take out. After 3 nights the device loosens just enough to wear throughout the night without knowing it was there in the morning. Everyone at Sleep Health Partners is very knowledgeable and listens to any questions you have, then answers confidently. I recommend them to you to help with snoring issues. My experience with Sleep Health Partners has been all positive."
"Dr. Karim and team were very friendly and eager to help understand my needs to ensure I was getting the right solution for me. They walked me through the process of performing an at home sleep study, then developed a mouthpiece for me that helps me breath more easily at night. I had snored all my life up until working with Dr. Karim, and my wife and I are very grateful for his help."
"Great!! Very easy to communicate with and always wanted to make sure that I would be sleeping well and if there was anything I needed in the future they would be there for me. Highly recommend them to get a mouth piece fitted so you can start sleeping better!!"
"I wanted to say that Dr. Karim developed a comfortable mouth piece device that has all but eliminated my snoring. I was a prolific snorer. Just ask my Fiancé! Thank you Dr. Karim and Sleep Health Partners!"
"The process of getting an oral mouth appliance to help with my mild sleep apnea was relatively painless with Sleep Health Partners. This is the second oral appliance I have used. The appointment to prep for the new oral appliance was done with a lot more measurements than my first appliance with another provider. Consequently, the new oral device fit very well, and is a better material. The difference in my sleep improved the first night I used my new device. The sleep study after adjusting just one different tightening band went well, and I am totally satisfied and appreciative of how easy and quickly a great improvement for my sleep and health was accomplished. I really appreciate the support staff and Dr. Alamin Karim. Many thanks!"
"Dr. Karim and his team have made the experience of getting an oral appliance for apnea simple and efficient. My snoring is all but gone and I’m feeling like I’m more rested. I’ve recommended him to friends and relatives."
"I found Dr. Karim and his staff to be professional, personable and exacting. They patiently worked with me to ensure I was receiving a custom made device that is comfortable and effective. I'm enjoying better sleep and more energy as a result!"
"Very professional and good follow through. I especially appreciated the flexible schedule!"

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