Breathe Easy and Sleep Well with a Sleep Apnea Test in Beaverton, OR


If you display sleep apnea symptoms, your primary care physician may ask you to undergo a sleep apnea test or a polysomnogram (PSG) at home. It’s called a home sleep apnea test. You can get this test done in a sleep center or at home.

A polysomnogram – or sleep study – is done with the help of a few sensors that electronically record certain activities within your body when you are asleep. If you want to get tested for sleep apnea, our clinic near Beaverton, OR, can help guide you through the testing process. A qualified sleep specialist will analyze your sleep test to discover if you have obstructive sleep apnea. If the test confirms obstructive sleep apnea, the team at Sleep Health Partners, led by Dr. Karim, will explain the next steps to find the best treatment option for you.

Sleep Apnea Test Options Near Beaverton and Aloha, OR for Effective Diagnosis

At Sleep Health Partners, we help patients in Beaverton, Oregon, sleep better through sleep apnea treatments. During your initial consultation, we collect your medical history and ask about the symptoms you are experiencing. Some of the common questions we ask include:

  • Has anyone told you you snore or your breathing pauses during sleep?
  • Do you feel sleepy, tired, or sluggish during the day?
  • Is staying awake while performing daily tasks like reading, driving, or completing a work assignment difficult?
  • Has anyone in your family ever been diagnosed with sleep apnea?

During this consultation, we also consider other risk factors for sleep apnea, like your blood pressure, neck circumference, and any underlying health issues that can make you more vulnerable to a sleep disorder. This is why we created this free online sleep apnea screener. Based on your answers, we can better understand your symptoms.

How to Diagnose Sleep Apnea Comfortably from Home in Beaverton, OR

A sleep apnea test uses sensors to monitor your heart rate, breathing patterns, blood oxygen levels, and other metrics while you sleep. Contrary to what some believe, you can access this sophisticated technology right from your bed, including a home sleep apnea test in Beaverton, OR.

Our mission is to help patients live happier, healthier lives through better sleep. Testing for OSA is a critical first step in diagnosing your condition. Sleep Health Partners will help direct you through the process so that sleep apnea diagnostic providers can accurately measure your key sleep metrics using FDA-approved equipment in your home. These devices come with wrist, finger, and chest sensors to check whether or not you may have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and precisely how severe it is. These tests are a more affordable and convenient alternative to overnight sleep studies conducted in a hospital or sleep lab, especially if you don’t like sleeping in an unfamiliar environment.

Treatments such as oral appliance therapy may be recommended if the test confirms that you have OSA. You will meet Dr. Alamin Karim, DDS, to discuss treatment and subsequent steps. Dr. Karim is one of Oregon’s top oral appliance therapy providers and has helped numerous patients eliminate snoring and other symptoms associated with OSA.

Your results from the sleep apnea test in Beaverton, OR, will help us understand the severity of your apnea, which will help us and the sleep diagnostic team determine what type of treatment will be most effective in addressing the root cause of your sleep apnea. The data gives us the following information about your sleep:

  • Number of sleep apnea episodes
  • How often do you wake up
  • How long do you spend in each sleep stage
  • Frequency and intensity of your snoring
  • Your oxygen saturation levels
  • Your breathing rate (whether you have trouble breathing or stop breathing)
  • Your body’s position (including limb movements)

Based on this data, your AHI (Apnea-Hypopnea Index) score is calculated. If you meet the diagnostic criteria for OSA, we will discuss your options and proceed with the best course of treatment.

Breathe Easier by Getting Tested for Sleep Apnea in Aloha, OR

To diagnose sleep apnea, sleep experts in Aloha, OR, look at the number of respiratory effort-related arousals (RERA), apneas, and hypopneas that occur per hour while you are asleep, which is a critical component of sleep apnea testing.

  • Apnea is when the oxygen flow to your lungs stops for 10 seconds or longer.
  • Hypopnea is a period of restricted airflow to your lungs lasting at least 10 seconds. It reduces the oxygen in your blood and briefly wakes you up (you probably won’t even remember it).

  • Respiratory effort-related arousals (RERAs) happen when breathing is constrained—not as much as hypopnea, but they still disturb your sleep.

Sleep apnea will be diagnosed if there is an average of at least five of these breathing events per hour during your sleep test. If you suspect you might have this condition, consider a sleep apnea test in Aloha, Oregon. The only way to definitively know whether you have sleep apnea or not and to understand the severity of your apnea is to get tested.

How Does the Process Work?

Step 1: Fill out the free screener

To get started, complete this questionnaire on our website and pick the best time for our team to contact you to discuss our preliminary findings.

Step 2: Medical evaluation

During this visit, we will discuss your symptoms and family medical history in more detail to better understand how we can help you.

Step 3: Take the test

We will help direct you on the best way to get tested for sleep apnea.

Step 4: Your results are reviewed

A sleep apnea expert will review your test results. After evaluating your sleep data, we will schedule you for a follow-up visit, where treatment options can be discussed.

Home Sleep Apnea Test Simplifies Diagnosis in Beaverton, OR

Get relief from disordered sleep breathing without changing how or where you sleep! Get tested from the comfort of your own home. No more worrying about sleeping in a strange environment or having to schedule around your work or family obligations. With a home sleep test available in Beaverton, OR, you can comfortably undergo sleep apnea testing in your bed.

We can help guide you through the entire testing and diagnosing process. We want to be your sleep champions, helping you through your journey to better sleep. If you’re looking to diagnose sleep apnea, our clinic near Beaverton, Oregon, contact us today to learn the process and get back to sleeping great again! Contact us to schedule your first consultation.