Achieving Restful Nights with Sleep Apnea Treatment in Beaverton, OR


Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition where the soft tissue at the back of your throat blocks your airway during sleep, causing frequent stops in breathing throughout the night. This increases your risk of experiencing a stroke, heart attack, or atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) if left untreated. Additionally, the resulting daytime sleepiness disrupts your focus and heightens your risk of getting into car accidents.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure CPAP

At Sleep Health Partners, we recognize that the most commonly known treatment for sleep apnea in Beaverton, Oregon, is using a device called a Continuous or Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP or BiPAP) machine. This machine includes a mask that covers either your nose or mouth while you sleep. The problem is that quite a few patients who try a CPAP machine find it intolerable or ineffective and do not use it as a long-term solution.

If you are in the same boat, Dr. Alamin Karim, DDS, at Sleep Health Partners offers another, more user-friendly way to treat sleep apnea: a custom-fitted oral appliance that positions your lower jaw forward to prevent the tongue from blocking the airway, providing an effective sleep apnea treatment in Beaverton, OR.

Transforming Treatments for Sleep Apnea with Custom Dental Solutions in Beaverton, OR

When the usual sleep apnea treatments, like Positive Airway Pressure therapy or lifestyle changes, don’t work well or are too uncomfortable, we suggest using an oral appliance. These dental devices mimic a mouthguard and are great for travel because they are easy to carry and don’t need electricity.

Here is how it works:

  • You visit your primary care physician or a dentist trained in sleep medicine, like Dr. Karim. The physician will help you confirm if you have obstructive sleep apnea through a sleep study (which can be conducted at home) under the guidance of a sleep specialist.
  • If OSA is confirmed and we think an oral appliance is right for you, we take impressions of your teeth. These molds are used to create a device that fits your dental anatomy precisely.
  • Once your appliance is ready, you return to us for fitting (and adjusting) to ensure it positions your jaw correctly. The goal is to move your lower jaw and tongue slightly forward to keep your airway open while you sleep, an essential part of sleep apnea treatment in Beaverton, OR.
  • You wear the appliance every night. It fits over your top and bottom teeth like an orthodontic retainer or a sports guard.


How Does an Oral Appliance Work?

When you put the appliance in your mouth, it holds your lower jaw in a forward position, a common treatment for sleep apnea that is available in Beaverton, OR. This is usually a few millimeters ahead of its natural resting place. As your jaw moves forth, your tongue is pulled along with it. And since the tongue is attached to the lower jaw, it doesn’t fall back into your throat when you sleep.

The device also helps to stabilize the tongue and soft tissues at the back of the throat. This prevents them from vibrating as air passes over them, which is what causes those deafening snoring sounds your partner has most likely complained about.

Breathe Easy Again with Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Beaverton, OR

With the tongue and soft tissues evened out and forward, the airway stays open during sleep, stopping the muscle collapses typical in obstructive sleep apnea. The air can once again move freely into and out of your lungs. You maintain steady, uninterrupted breathing while you sleep and avoid the drops in oxygen levels caused by OSA. Most importantly, you wake up feeling refreshed and less tired during the day. Patients have found that sleep apnea therapy in Beaverton, Oregon, can significantly improve their quality of life.

Laser-Based Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Sleep Health Partners also provides sophisticated laser treatments for sleep apnea to directly address the underlying issues disturbing your sleep using state-of-the-art, FDA-approved, non-invasive technology.

This therapy targets the soft palate and throat, where the airway tends to collapse during sleep with OSA. The laser delivers controlled pulses of energy to these tissues, offering an alternative to traditional sleep apnea treatments in Beaverton, OR. No cuts or incisions are made. The energy from the laser heats the tissues, stimulating the formation of new collagen (the protein that gives structure to our skin and tissues). This process is known as collagen remodeling.

Sleep Apnea Therapy in Beaverton, OR Offers Hope with Tissue Tightening Techniques

As the tissues stiffen and gain more structure, they are less likely to collapse when you are asleep. This tightening reduces the frequency and severity of apnea episodes by at least 10-20% in our patients.  

Each treatment session lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. You can leave immediately afterward without any need for recovery time. The standard treatment plan consists of 3-5 sessions spaced over several weeks — often one session every 2-3 weeks.

After completing the initial series of treatments, Dr. Karim will check your response to the therapy to determine if you need additional sessions. If you are undergoing sleep apnea therapy in Beaverton, OR, the improvement in your symptoms and sleep quality helps guide this decision. Some patients benefit from occasional maintenance sessions after the initial course to sustain the tissue tightening and keep the airway open. Depending on your needs and responses, this might be scheduled every six months or annually.

Why is it Important to Treat Sleep Apnea?

If you live in Aloha, OR, you may have noticed that traffic has grown manifold in the last couple of years alone. What does that have to do with sleep apnea? With an increased number of vehicles on the road comes a higher risk of getting into accidents – and the all-day fatigued, sleep-deprived brain doesn’t help. Multiple studies have shown a direct link between motor vehicle crashes and daytime sleepiness caused by sleep apnea.

Overcoming Daytime Drowsiness with Effective Sleep Apnea Therapy in Aloha, OR

One of the most common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea is feeling tired during the day because of sleep disruption at night. This drowsiness makes driving or operating machinery dangerous because it’s harder to concentrate and react quickly. If you have untreated sleep apnea, you are not only putting yourself but others at risk as well, which is why many in Aloha, OR, consider sleep apnea treatment options to improve their quality of life.

Not being able to sleep properly also makes you more likely to feel down or depressed easily. The constant interruption of sleep affects how well you feel mentally. It also puts extra strain on your heart; when breathing stops during sleep, the oxygen levels in the blood drop, which makes the heart work harder. This results in high blood pressure and increases the risk of heart-related problems. The stress on the body from repeated waking during the night also affects insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. Fortunately, treatment for sleep apnea, including options available in Aloha, OR, can alleviate these symptoms by maintaining open airways during sleep.

Personalized Sleep Apnea Treatment Options in Aloha, OR

If you are still unsure how to treat sleep apnea or you are interested in alternatives to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines, we at Sleep Health Partners approach this sleep disorder with a personalized treatment plan that fits your current lifestyle and future health goals. We collaborate closely with other care providers to ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis and the right dental treatment for sleep apnea, including sleep apnea therapy in Aloha, Oregon.

If you are unsure whether you have sleep apnea, take this free online sleep apnea screener and pick a time for our team to get back to you to review your results. If your symptoms point toward obstructive or central sleep apnea, we will help you sign up for a sleep study right in your home. We will then discuss your next steps accordingly.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation for sleep apnea treatment options in Aloha, OR, and take the first step towards better sleep without a CPAP machine.