Tongue Tie Treatment In Wilsonville OR

Tongue Tie Treatment In Wilsonville OR

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of a tongue tie, such as difficulty breastfeeding or latching, you should schedule a consultation as soon as possible. We can examine your child’s mouth and help you determine if a tongue tie is present or not. If a tongue tie is diagnosed in Wilsonville OR, we can address it with a simple procedure to release the restriction and allow your child to speak and eat properly.

Tongue Tie Treatment In Wilsonville OR

A tongue tie is a condition in which the frenum, the strip of soft tissue connecting the underside of your tongue to the floor of your mouth, is too short or thick. This condition can affect your ability to breastfeed and may cause problems with your baby’s latch-on during breastfeeding. It may even cause issues with the health of your baby’s mouth.

When the tongue tie is too tight, it may cause complications like difficulty latching onto the breast or a restricted range of jaw motion. This can even lead to developmental issues like a protruding chin or crowded teeth. The patient may also experience issues like speech disorders or trouble chewing.

The best treatment in Wilsonville OR, for this condition is a surgical procedure to shorten the frenum and restore normal function to the mouth. This procedure is called a frenectomy. If your infant has a tongue tie, they will be able to have this procedure done without interfering with their breastfeeding process.

Once the procedure is completed in Wilsonville OR, you can expect your newborn to be able to latch better onto your breast for feedings. They will have a better range of motion with their jaws, which will allow them to comfortably eat solid foods as they get older. They will also be able to smile wide, laugh loudly, and speak clearly without any restrictions on their oral development.

At Sleep Health Partners in Wilsonville OR, we offer treatment for tongue-tie and more! If you need assistance with your little one’s oral health, contact our office in Wilsonville OR, today to schedule an appointment.

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