Sleep Apnea Support for Veterans and Service Members


The intense routines and sleepless nights veterans and active-duty members endure are necessary to prepare them for duty. However, these experiences could also be detrimental to their health over time.

Research indicates that an alarming 90% of veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) also suffer from a sleep-related disorder such as sleep apnea. The root cause could be disturbing events experienced on the field, the unavoidable stress of service, frequent injuries, and sleep schedules that change too often, compounded by less-than-comfortable sleeping environments.

When you don’t obtain the restful sleep you need, it affects all areas of your life, even more so when you are a veteran or currently enlisted. In addition to feelings of exhaustion, it could cause psychological distress during your waking hours. Take charge of your sleep today and address these problems proactively with Sleep Health Partners.

In coordination with Tricare, we provide noninvasive treatment for military members affected by obstructive sleep apnea. Contact us today to learn if you qualify for oral appliance therapy.

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Oral Appliance Therapy: A VA-Approved Solution for Sleep Apnea

Many veterans face a silent struggle every night due to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition that interrupts your sleep and, thus, undermines your health. Leaving your apnea untreated puts you at a greater risk of developing:

High Blood Pressure

Heart Disease


Type 2 Diabetes


Atrial Fibrillation

Chronic Kidney Disease


Cognitive Dysfunction

Liver Problems

Oral appliance therapy is recognized under the Department of Veterans Affairs through Diagnostic Code 6847 of 38 CFR 4.97 as a lifeline to restore peace to your nights and vitality to your days. Wearing a custom-made dental device could be your answer if you want to sleep through the night uninterrupted, breathe easily, and wake up refreshed.

An oral appliance is similar to a sports mouthguard or a night guard that you only wear before bed. Its goal is to hold your jaw forward slightly to open up your upper airway and allow the oxygen to flow freely while you sleep. If you have tried Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy and couldn’t tolerate it for any reason, oral appliances are a viable alternative for several reasons:

  • They are small, lightweight, and fit in your pocket.
  • They do not require electricity, batteries, hoses, masks, or tubing.
  • They do not cause skin irritation, rashes, or claustrophobia.
  • They create zero noise – unlike CPAP, which might be disruptive in shared sleeping environments (barracks).

With the updated PACT Act and MISSION Act, you now have more options than ever for where and how you get your healthcare. This includes getting oral appliance therapy through approved providers outside the traditional VA system, like Sleep Health Partners, which is covered under VA benefits when prescribed by your doctor. If you want to improve your sleep or just want more information about your healthcare options, contact us.

How to Get an Oral Appliance Through the VA

Step 1: Confirm Your VA Health Care Enrollment

Make sure you are enrolled in the VA health care system. You need to be enrolled to access any medical services the VA provides, including sleep apnea treatment. Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances/Devices fall under the prosthetic category, so they are covered under your VA benefits (even if you don’t have dental benefits).

Step 2: Obtain a Sleep Study

To confirm the diagnosis of sleep apnea, you will need a sleep test (PolySomnoGram). It can be conducted at a VA facility, an approved non-VA facility under the Community Care program, or in your home. At Sleep Health Partners, we can help guide you through the process, and help answer any sleep testing questions you may have. Home sleep tests will generally be sufficient in detecting obstructive sleep apnea.

Step 3: Get Treated

Once you have completed your sleep test and OSA is confirmed, we can start treating your sleep apnea through oral appliance therapy!

Struggling with Sleep on Active Duty? Sleep Health Partners Can Help

Being sharp and ready at all times is part of the job when you are in the military. But if you are battling with sleep apnea, it’s not just your own performance that could suffer — your fellow service members might feel the effects as well. Loud snoring can keep your comrades awake, and untreated apnea episodes can leave you feeling drained and unfocused, making you the weakest link in the chain in deployed settings.

CPAP machines, the standard treatment for sleep apnea, are not always practical in the field. They are large, require power, and are simply impractical to carry around.

On the other hand, a personalized oral appliance is ideal for life on base or in the field. It fits snugly in your mouth and helps you get better sleep! Give us a call to get started right away.

Book Your Sleep Wellness Consultation Today

Dr. Alamin Karim, DDS, at Sleep Health Partners, is a qualified Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) provider in the VA Community Care Network. He has years of experience treating patients with sleep apnea using custom oral appliances. If poor sleep is starting to take its toll on you, set up an appointment with Dr. Karim right away.

Depending on where you stand with your current treatment, we can discuss if it’s time for a sleep study or if an oral appliance could offer you relief. We deeply respect your service to our country – it’s our turn to give back by helping you get the restorative sleep essential for your well-being.